The Opened Heart

The Purposeful Journey

"At the center of your being you have the answer and  you  know                        
                      who you are and  you know what you want."
                                          Lao Tzu

The Purposeful Journey is a program of The Opened Heart.  It includes community and/or individual sessions.

As a community: We meet bi-monthly as a transformational social, learning and coaching  community that exists to encourage and support  the fulfillment of each others dreams (Included in membership).

On an individual basis:
We can meet as often as you like. Through a thoughtful process of inquiry and deep listening  we  will work together to recognize and remember the  purposeful journey that you are already on while coming to love and understand your story in the context of your journey. We will honor where you have come from, the choices you have made, the ways that you may have prevented blossoming in your personal and professional development. From this moment forward, you will awaken to your true
path and blossom. Bloom and grow forever!

($39.00 per session  ~ available in-person, or via Skype)

We are traveling within the midst of our eternity. It is a purposeful journey. In between lives, we dance between stars. We breathe each others breath, we glow, we learn, we love. Earth is where we can physically experience our spirit. We inhabit the soul through our opened heart.

Know that our Creator is behind us, beside us, above us, below us, inside each of us.
The soul is only inhabiting
our body. We are not the body. We are the soul residing there in this lifetime. For this infinitesimal moment , this strand of time we have the gift of experiencing touch and connection. Tears that cleanse and burn, and smiles that uplift and ignite.

It is never-ending ... the spirits quest to be united in God as a being of pure love. To unite together in God, with God, as God.
How magnificent and brilliant is the energy
of all those spirits, gathered together! Imagine it. All the stars drawn together as magnets, polarity diminishing the closer they get until there are no spaces, only love. Only peace. Only bright upon bright upon bright.

This is what makes and creates the magnificence of God. We do.  We are all stars.

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