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The Opened Heart

About The Opened Heart


A group of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by a sense of cohesion through social ties, the sharing of common perspectives, and engagement in joint action.

It is an amazing moment when you realize that there have been themes that have been woven into your life and you were not even slightly aware there was a pattern. It is transformational! My theme is community. I can connect nearly all of my life choices to the magic that happens in a community.
 My first true involvement and awareness of the concept of community came when I enrolled in an amazing dorm at UC Irvine called Sierra. All freshman students were enrolled in a Wednesday night class called "Moral Development and Just Community". It was  the subject of a research study, and it tracked whether or not we morally developed after experiencing the process of living in a community where we were constantly challenged with moral dilemma's, journal writing and small and large group discussions. The process was so transformational for me that I became a student staff member the next year and I began my lifelong love of the study and search for community. 

Realizing that my greatest life experiences involved community came when I traced my path...working in bookstores, senior centers, nursing and personal care homes, working with students on a college campus, Girl Scouts and most profoundly traveling for three months at a time on five separate voyages around the world on Semester at Sea, living with 800 college students, faculty and staff, families, crew and lifelong learners. Now all I want to do is recreate the best of those experiences and connections.

In addition to being in nature, participation in a caring, learning community provides the most profound connection I have found to my sense of purpose. and to the world we are all a part of.  I want you to be in it to.

Now, I want to hear your story!
Please write me at: or call at: 724.799.4794

 The Opened Heart
Charlottesville, Virginia

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